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Insinkerator or Saniflo Repair and Replacement Services in Dubai

Fool-Proof Ways to Get Rid of Funky Smells in Your Home

It’s not uncommon to have funky smells in your home, and it can come from all sorts of sources, like pet accidents or even spoiled food in the fridge. Don’t worry! Fortunately, there are many fool-proof ways to get rid of funky smells in your home that don’t require expensive products or extensive knowledge of complicated DIY projects (though if you do know how to DIY and have time to spare, you can always try those methods). Here are some fool-proof methods you can try today.


Part 1: Unclogging the Insinkerator  Saniflo Repair

You know that bad smell that hits you when you open your sink or toilet? You can thank your disposal for that stench. What you may not know is how easy it is to unclog and get rid of it! Check out our handy infographic on how to keep your insinkerator smelling sweet. If you don’t want to deal with the odors at home, call us anytime – we are available 24/7. We’ll take care of the clogs and make sure they stay gone so your home doesn’t have any funky smells anymore!

Part 2: Saniflo Repair (toilet, shower, sink and bath)

If your foul smell is originating from a toilet, then it is likely because your toilet’s seal has become loose or damaged. The Saniflo repair team can repair these issues without even having to remove your toilet completely out of its space. On top of that, we can also tackle any damages caused by regular wear and tear and unblock pipes efficiently. No matter where you are in Dubai, we have highly trained technicians ready to deal with any issue you might have so don’t hesitate. We are professional at Insinkerator or Saniflo Repair

Part 3: The Best Way to Remove Odors from a Washing Machine

If you have a bad odor coming from your washing machine, it may be time for a professional cleaning. If that’s not possible, try these do-it-yourself tricks to remove the odor from your washing machine:

  •  Pour one cup of white vinegar into the washer and let it soak overnight.
  • Add a quart of distilled white vinegar and run the cycle on hot water with no clothes or detergent.
  • Fill the drum with 1/2 gallon bleach and one gallon water, allow to soak overnight then rinse thoroughly before use.
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