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Our home and office electrical systems are what makes our daily routines possible. And without a proper electrical wiring inspection, it will only be a matter of time before something malfunctions and we literally get left in the dark. The quick and skilled pros at Urgent Maintenance will readily provide your property with a Lighting Fixture Installation reliable house wiring, quality exterior lighting, and any kind of electrical repairs you may need.


The local pros are fully insured

Electrical tasks, such as rewiring a lamp, are famous for holding many risks. To ensure that your lighting repairs session will go as smoothly as planned, both your own safety and that of the specialists will be completely guaranteed by a comprehensive insurance plan of up to 5 million GBP.

All lamp repair work is officially approved by NICEIC

If you are not exactly keen on frying all your electrical equipment or radically changing your hairstyle, then it’s best to leave all repairs at the hands of a competent and certified electrician. The Dubai specialists at Urgent Maintenance are responsible, polite, and most importantly, meaning that they can easily handle tasks ranging from light switch repair to installation of modern indoor lighting.

The local electrician will work with all types of lights

No matter what type of artificial light sources you are trying to set-up or repair, your lighting technician in Dubai will always know how to make it all work. The pro can provide your office with elegant task lighting and outfit your living room with halogen lighting. Or install fancy up-lighting in your man cave. Or link a few HMI lights or an LTM lighting system to your power grid. And when it comes to electrical repairs, the expert will happily aid you with chandelier, HMI, antique lighting repair, and much more.

Lighting repairs that leave no mess behind

Cleaning the cut wires, torn packaging, and layers of dust that often come with this sort of electrical work is not exactly something that you want to do on a cold Sunday afternoon, or on any day for that matter. But rest assured, because your lamp fix session is guaranteed to go in your favor. Once all lamp repairs are done, the experts will responsibly clean and dispose of the debris for you. This way, you will have the extra free time to enjoy the new stylish lighting at your home or office.

How are our domestic & commercial electric services performed?
  1. We will send a licensed electrician straight to your home address;
  2. The skilled professional will closely inspect your wiring for potential lighting defects;
  3. The expert will apply preventive measures to protect your system against future breakdowns;
  4. Your service guarantee will kick into effect as soon as all light repairs have been completed.
Hire a certified technician for any day of the week

Sunny Mondays, rainy Saturdays, lazy Bank Holidays – whenever you need lamp rewiring, Urgent Maintenance can readily deliver it. We cover all areas within Dubai, and a quick call on 0502526638 is all it takes to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, you can stop by our online chat, book online via our easy to use booking form

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